Social Justice

The Social Justice LLC

The Social Justice LLC is a community of students who want to learn about their social and moral development as individuals and as a community. 

Through the lens of social justice, this LLC explores causes of oppression by examining various forms of privilege and power. Students have meaningful dialogues through active participation and learning in the classroom, within the residence hall and outside of DU. 

The Social Justice LLC is for students who are interested in addressing social, political and economic injustices, and learning about how to become an active part of the solutions through community engagement. 

LLC Breakdown

Students who participate in the Social Justice LLC will: 

  • Enroll in one 2-credit seminar for the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.  
  • Live with 22 similarly interested students in Johnson-McFarlane Hall and have access to specially crafted events to learn and build community including retreats, speakers, dinners, and special events  
  • Receive support from an LLC staff program coordinator who provides day to day and quarter to quarter co-curricular programming and support including retreats, dinners, speakers and active learning excursions 
  • Learn from and work with Dr. Lauren DeCarvalho 

Class Topics: Defining social justice; Understanding roots of inequity and issues of power, privilege and oppression; Explore personal, critical consciousness; Discover ways to actively participate in creating a more just and equitable democratic society.

Student Spotlight

Leah York

Hometown: Evergreen, Colorado 

Major(s)/ Minor(s): Environmental Science and Psychology, minors in Chemistry and Intercultural Global Studies. I am currently on the pre-medical track. 

Graduation Year: 2022 

What is your favorite LLC memory? 

My favorite LLC memory was our first retreat in the fall. We hardly knew each other, but we were put in this little cabin out in the middle of the Colorado wilderness and got to do so many fun activities! One of my favorite parts was going up the ropes course because together we all got to conquer something that scared us. 

What else are you involved with on campus? 

I am a member of DU Honors, an RA in Centennial Towers, part of DU Rock Climbing Club and a member of the DU Doctors Without Borders Student Chapter. 

Why did you choose to apply to the LLC? 

I chose to apply to the SJLLC because I wanted to learn about the issues that affected society and participate in activism both on and off-campus. I also wanted the chance to live with people who shared these values.

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Dr. Lauren DeCarvalho

Faculty Director, Social Justice LLC 

Associate Professor, Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies 

Faculty Affiliate, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Minor for CAHSS 

Faculty Affiliate, Gender and Women's Studies Program

Jully Dong

Program Coordinator, Social Justice LLC