Racial Justice

How can we work together to build a more just and equitable world?

Working for racial justice means coming together to understand the past and reimagine the future. This LLC supports students in developing the knowledge and skills that are needed to become effective change-agents who are ready to respond to inequities and work towards justice.  

We are still accepting applications for this LLC for the 24-25 academic year!


Students who participate in the Racial Justice LLC will:

  • Live together with 22 similarly interested students in Johnson-McFarlane Hall and have access to specially crafted events to learn and build community including retreats, speakers, dinners, and student-led events.

  • Learn together by enrolling one 2-credit seminar for the Fall, Winter, and Springs quarters.

  • Build community together while receiving support from an LLC staff program coordinator who provides day to day and quarter to quarter co-curricular programming and support including retreats, dinners, speakers, and active learning excursions.

  • Learn from and work with Dr. Santhosh Chandrashekar faculty member who is the Faculty Director for this LLC.


Racial Justice LLC Breakdown

Academic Connections:

  • Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Major and Minor
  • Community-engaged courses and signature work

DU Campus Partnerships:

  • DU Service and Change
  • CCESL Community Organizing Institute
  • USG Diversity Committee
  • Cultural Center Affinity Groups such as African Students United, Latine Student Alliance, Asian Student Alliance, etc

Examples of Programming:

  • In-class field trips around Denver and DU's campus such as History CO
  • Cultural experiences such as museum visits to Five Points neighborhood
  • Potlucks, family dinners, and other community builder opportunities such as Serene Cuisine
  • In-class guest speakers 
  • Overnight and urban retreats to Sand Creek Massacre
  • Wellness workshops and programs such as Relax Night 

Class Topics:

  • Fall quarter: Indigeneity, Settler Colonialism, and Race  
  • Winter quarter: Slavery & Its Afterlives 
  • Spring quarter: Critical Race Course

The three courses associated with the Racial Justice LLC can be applied to the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Major or Minor through the Department of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies.

View the Undergraduate Bulletin for more details about the major and minor.

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