Environmental Sustainability

How do we promote positive environmental community awareness that leads to action? 

The Environmental Sustainability community capitalizes on our students' concerns and passions for the environment and sustainability. If you are ready to take the next step in promoting positive environmental community awareness and change on the University of Denver campus and beyond, then the Environmental Sustainability LLC is for you. 

The Environmental Sustainability LLC encourages students to activate their classroom learning through experiential education, community engagement, and interaction with students, staff and faculty.


LLC Breakdown

Students who participate in the Environmental Sustainability LLC will: 

  • Enroll in one 2-credit seminar for the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.  
  • Live with 22 similarly interested students in Johnson-McFarlane Hall and have access to specially crafted events to learn and build community including retreats, speakers, dinners, and student-led events   
  • Receive support from an LLC staff program coordinator who provides day to day and quarter to quarter co-curricular programming and support including retreats, dinners, speakers and active learning excursions  
  • Learn from and work with Dr. Don Sullivan  

Class Topics: Regional and Local Environmental Issues, Energy, Water 

Examples of Programming: Trail restoration, business/non-profit visits, community engagement partnerships  

The three courses associated with the Environmental Sustainability LLC can be applied to the Natural/Physical Science Elective for the Sustainability Minor through the Department of Geography and the Environment.   

View the Undergraduate Bulletin for more details about the minor.

Sarah Brinkmann, a female-presenting person, smiles for the camera

Student Spotlight

Sarah Brinkmann

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major: Geographic Information Science

Minor(s): Chemistry, Sustainability, and Mathematics

Graduation year: 2025

What is your favorite LLC memory?  

My favorite LLC memory was the spring white water rafting trip, I loved getting to spend a weekend with some of my favorite people and rafting through Brown's Canyon was so fun and exciting. I remember running through one of the rapids and we all got soaked and couldn't stop laughing for a long time. 

What else are you involved with on campus?  

On campus, I'm also a tour guide, a member of the women's club lacrosse team, DU Alpine club, and DU backpacking club.

Why did you choose to apply to the Environmental Sustainability LLC? 

I chose the Environmental LLC because I was involved in sustainability efforts in high school and wanted to find a similar community here at DU. 

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